Language Instruction | Cross Cultural Consulting

Develop Understanding through Language and Cultural Coaching

Hu’s Who Communications offers courses that will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language and culture. Jane Hu’s vast teaching experience and bicultural background make her an excellent language teacher and cultural consultant that can address your needs and help you build cultural bridges.

Language Instruction

Jane has taught extensively in China and US for people who are interested in mastering a language (English or Chinese).
Born in a teachers’ family, teaching is in her blood and her passion. She has incorporated her own instructional materials
with other relevant language tools to cater to the needs of a variety of students’ backgrounds and goals.

Through her courses on Chinese, Jane aims to disprove that “Chinese is too difficult to learn” and help her clients develop
basic to intermediate conversational Chinese with ease. Her interactive and engaging teaching style is adored by her
students and has led many of them to further their Chinese language proficiency.


Cross-Cultural Training & Consulting

As the global economy gets increasingly interwoven, intercultural understanding has become essential for companies conducting international business. Jane has firsthand experience of the challenges of living and working in a culture that’s different from her own. She uses real-life examples and personal stories to teach clients how to adapt and assimilate to Chinese culture and business norms. By leveraging her experience working with fortune 500 companies and international organizations through her language services, she brings extensive insights and has developed a comprehensive set of strategies and tips including DOs and DON’Ts for US companies looking to do business in China and/or with Chinese.

The clients and organizations Jane Hu has provided coaching and consulting services over the years include:

  • 361 Degrees Consulting, Inc.
  • Abacus
  • Advisory Research Investment Management
  • Artistic Circles
  • Bowne Global Solutions/Berlitz International
  • Cartus
  • Cendant Mobility
  • Choose Chicago
  • Confucius Institute Chicago
  • Cultural Savvy
  • Discovery Center
  • Global Voices Initiative
  • IDEX
  • International Orientation Resources (IOR)
  • Keylogic
  • Landus Cooperative
  • Living Earth TV
  • Lucien Lagrange Studio
  • LRS Recording
  • MSI, Inc.
  • Openlands
  • Strategex
  • The Global Media Desk
  • Toca
  • US Olympics Committee (USOC)

Integrated Language & Cultural Coaching Program – One-Stop Service

Over the years working with corporate clients and business owners, Jane has noticed a growing need for a deeper understanding of cultural nuances while learning a language. She has always believed that language and culture are inseparable, born out of each other and growing against each other. Therefore, she has created a unique program called "K.N.O.W.” that combines cultural elements with the language learning, providing a deep insight into China and the Chinese as a whole. With the assistance of technology, this convenient and flexible program is offered virtually and seeks to help you:

K – to be knowledgeable about the Chinese language and culture to build relationships
N – to build necessary tools to navigate the foreign business environment
O – to obtain the daily living tips and practices to create a more enjoyable experience
W – to create worry-free business interactions for navigating the culture of the community

This comprehensive approach has been well-received by the business community. In addition, Jane also offers private virtual coaching during and/or after the program is completed. Please reach out to her today for more details and find out how she can help you develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese language and its culture, and ultimately facilitate your business, professional and personal growth, all while in the comfort of your own home.