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Connecting Clients through Professional Translation and Interpreting

Hu’s Who Communications aims to help English and Chinese speakers communicate seamlessly with each other across different mediums. Whether it’s written translations or interpreting in different settings, Jane Hu and her associates have the skills and experience to deliver your message to your target audience with minimal loss of context and subtle intent, striving for the ultimate principles of “faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance” in interlingual communications.

Interpreter vs. Translator

There are key differences between an interpreter and a translator despite the common misconception that the two are interchangeable. An interpreter works verbally while a translator works on written documents. This distinction is important in a professional setting because they each serve different purposes.

Within Interpreting, there are different modes as follows:

In SI mode, the interpreter renders the message in the target-language as quickly as he/she can formulate it from the source language simultaneously without requiring the source-language speaker to stop. The simultaneous interpretation is rendered to target-language listeners via their earphones. When SI is rendered off site, it is also referred as Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI). SI or RSI is usually the most challenging mode of interpreting of all, as it requires a unique set of skills, processing the source language efficiently as it comes in while rendering the target language accurately and seamlessly. It requires a higher comprehension and think-on-one’s-feet language proficiency in both languages.

In CI mode, the interpreter only begins to interpret from the source language to the target language after the speaker finishes his/her statement or completes one thought, on average 1-5 minutes. The speech is usually divided into segments: the speaker pauses before the interpreter renders a portion of the message in the target language and then the whole process continues till the speech is completed.

When CI is conducted offsite or remotely, it usually takes the forms of Over-the-phone Interpreting (OPI) where only audio is transmitted through the communication or Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) where video feed is provided on top of the audio transmission during the interpreting. Strong note-taking skills and memory retention capability are required for the interpreter to render the interpreting accurately without loss of details while keeping the continuity of the communication flow.

Sight Interpreting is the rendering of material written in one language into spoken speech in another language. It is a true and accurate verbal translation of written material into the spoken form so that the parties can understand what documents written in foreign languages say. This mode of interpreting is widely used in legal proceedings, medical settings, the real estate industry, etc. where related documents need to be interpreted on the spot to the target language speaker. In sight interpreting, the interpreter needs to have the ability to quickly scan and understand the main point of the document presented, and then quickly but accurately interpret the content into its equivalent meaning in the target language.

Extensive Experience – Comprehensive, Well-Rounded Services

Although many professional interpreters can work effectively within all modes, most interpreters tend to have their preference of or strength in one of the modes they use most commonly. But thanks to her decades of experience, Jane Hu has developed well-honed skill sets that allow her to work across all these modes and settings successfully and efficiently.

Jane’s background in interpreting and translation dates back to her first year out of college in China. In Shanghai, she worked with foreigners, held bilingual events, and co-hosted a popular award-winning bilingual radio show.

Jane then came to the US where she received her Master’s Degree in Communications. She has worked successfully from that time on in varied capacities: In the broadcast, film and recording industries, in business meetings, trade missions and government level negotiations, as well as in court systems, academic or training programs, and a vast variety of industries…

Her ability of listening to the source language and simultaneously or consecutively interpreting into a target language without missing a beat has manifested itself time and again to the amazement of her clients and peers. Her upbeat and think-on-her-feet interpreting style allows the flow of the communication without interruption leaving little room for the loss of content or message.

Her continued success in the profession is thanks in large part to her combined communication and interpreting skills, deeply embedded in her bicultural background. Clients often praise her making communications between parties move smoothly and seamlessly.

Jane and her team are dedicated to providing you the ultimate professional services by adapting to your needs as you seek to connect (linguistically and culturally) with your Chinese-speaking clients in any way or form, just the way she has done for hundreds of happy clients. Please check out various companies, organizations and events she has worked with over the years:

  • A Private Summit featuring President George W. Bush, General David Petraeus, Henry Paulson, Michael Bloomberg and global business leaders

  • Abbott

  • ADM

  • Alibaba

  • Alltech

  • American Seed Trade Association (ASTA)

  • Amway Corporation

  • AQSIQ (The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China)

  • Argonne National Lab

  • Art Institute of Chicago

  • AstraZeneca

  • Audi

  • Basic International, Inc.

  • BDO Training Conference

  • Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd.

  • Bethlehem Steel

  • Bucyrus

  • Caterpillar Corporation

  • CCICED (China Council for International Cooperation on Environment Development)

  • Chicago Council on Global Affairs

  • Chicago Mayor Emanuel’s meeting with/hosting Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong

  • Chicago-China Green Building & Technology Summit

  • China Construction Bank

  • China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)

  • China Futures Association

  • China Huarong (Financial) Corporation

  • China Ministry of Commerce Trade Mission

  • China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)

  • Chinese Delegation of Intellectual Property Rights (Sponsored by US Department of Commerce and China Ministry of Commerce)

  • CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)

  • COFCO (China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation)

  • Cummins Allison

  • Daymon Worldwide Conference

  • DDGS International Conference (US Grain Council)

  • Deloitte

  • Environment Defense Fund

  • Essilor

  • Eurotech

  • Federal & State Courts and many other legal, business, media, medical, insurance and industrial entities and international conferences Focus Groups for Research Companies/Facilities

  • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

  • Food Marketing Institute (FMI)

  • Forever Living Super Rally 2004

  • Fosun International

  • Fujifilm Medical

  • Haier America

  • Harrah’s Focus Group

  • Harvard Leadership Program

  • Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  • Hospira

  • HSBC

  • Illinois Department of Commerce

  • Institute of Justice

  • International Wrought Copper Council

  • IREM

  • Jabil Company

  • Jeunesse Global

  • Johnson Controls

  • JP Morgan

  • Kellogg Business School (EMBA program)

  • Kodak Company

  • Law Offices across the US

  • Life Fitness

  • Life Vantage

  • Lion Club International

  • Mayo Clinic

  • McDonald's Corporation

  • Microsoft Technology Center

  • Million Dollar Round Table

  • Motorola (Motorola Mobility Inc. and Motorola Solutions, Inc.)

  • Nalco Company

  • National Restaurant Association (NRA)

  • Nebraska Department of Economic Development (Reverse Trade Missions)

  • Network Appliance Worldwide Conference

  • New York Institute of Finance

  • New York State Economic Development Council

  • Newedge

  • NXTCom Show (USITO)

  • Office of Illinois State Treasurer

  • Paulson Institute

  • Prudential Insurance

  • Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)

  • RCG Group

  • RIM-Blackberry World Conference

  • Rockwell International

  • Rotary International

  • SEC (Security Exchange Commission)

  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

  • Sun Coke Energy

  • The United States Army War College & PLA Education Exchange

  • Trading Technologies Inc

  • TransUnion

  • U.S. Immigration Courts (Department of Homeland Security)

  • United Nation’s International Seabed Authority

  • Unity Technologies

  • University of Chicago (China and The World Future Forum; Conference on China’s Economic Transformation; Chicago Booth Finance Program)

  • US Dairy Export Council

  • US Department of Agriculture

  • US Department of Labor

  • US Dry Bean Council

  • US Grain Council

  • US Social Security Administration

  • US Soybean Export Council

  • US Wheat Association

  • US-China Economic & Trade Cooperation Forum & related events in conjunction with Chinese President Hu’s visit to Chicago

  • US-China Financial Symposium

  • US-China Logistics Summit

  • US-China Soybean Trade Conference

  • US-China Telecommunications Summit

  • US-China Tourism Summit

  • US-China University Presidents Roundtable


  • USG Corporation

  • Village of Schaumburg

  • VMI International

  • W. L. Gore and Associates

  • Wanxiang America

  • West Point Military Academy (TLDP)

  • Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

  • World Trade Center Chicago

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