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DSC035032For laymen, the terms “interpreter” and “translator” bring little difference.  While in the profession field, there is a big difference between an interpreter and a translator.  While both referred to converting one language (“the source language”) into another language (“the target language”), an interpreter often works verbally while a translator works in written form.  (See the description in “Translation”.)

Interpreters and translators are very much "special bilinguals", and interpreting and translation are definitely a difficult bilingual skill. It requires special training and years of experience to hone the skills, and of course, a little gift or talent in languages and communication can go a long way.

As a professional Chinese<>English interpreter/translator, Jane Hu has an extensive experience in all of the interpreting modes and translation.  She has been interpreting ever since she was graduated from college in China decades ago.  She interpreted for foreigners who visited or/and worked in Shanghai as well as hosted many bi-lingual events held in Shanghai.  She was an on-air interpreter and co-host for a well-known radio program called “Hello From Britain” where she worked with a British music radio producer live on air.  Her lively, upbeat and think-on-her-feet interpreting and delivery style won her thousands of fans for the radio show.  

For over two decades in the US, she has interpreted for radio and TV interviews, international corporations and conferences, government institutions and delegations, business meetings and negotiations as well as academic trainings and seminars.  She has also interpreted extensively for legal community (courts, depositions, arbitrations, hearings and trials, etc.) and variety of other industries.  As an experienced and highly effective simultaneous interpreter, she has done many international conferences and events.  Her communication skill combined with her interpreting skill deeply embedded in her bicultural background has often made the communications move smoothly and seamlessly.  

Her clients include large international corporations such as Motorola, McDonald’s, Caterpillar, ADM, etc.; government institutions and NGOs such as US Soybean Export Council, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Illinois Department of Commerce, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, etc.; as well as academic institutes such as the University of Chicago, Booth Business School, Kellogg Business School of Northwestern University and University of Illinois Chicago, etc.

Some of the clients and events she has worked with and interpreted for:

  • Chicago Mayor Emanuel’s meeting with/hosting Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong
  • US-China University Presidents Roundtable   
  • US-China Logistics Summit
  • Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
  • US-China Tourism Summit
  • US-China Financial Symposium
  • Johnson Controls
  • RCG Group
  • Environment Defense Fund
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Eurotech
  • American Seed Trade Association (ASTA)
  • HSBC
  • Newedge;
  • Trading Technologies Inc;
  • CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)
  • China Futures Association
  • Paulson Institute
  • ADM
  • A Private Summit featuring President George W. Bush, General David Petraeus, Henry Paulson, Michael Bloomberg and global business leaders
  • Sun Coke Energy;
  • China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)
  • Abbott;
  • USG Corporation;
  • Hospira
  • Alltech
  • W. L. Gore and Associates
  • CCICED (China Council for International Cooperation on Environment Development)
  • West Point Military Academy (TLDP)
  • Harvard Leadership Program
  • TransUnion;
  • Microsoft Technology Center;
  • COFCO (China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation)
  • Motorola (Motorola Mobility Inc. and Motorola Solutions, Inc.);
  • McDonald's Corporation;
  • US-China Economic & Trade Cooperation Forum & related events in conjunction with Chinese President Hu’s visit to Chicago;
  • Chicago Council on Global Affairs;
  • US Department of Agriculture;
  • US Soybean Export Council;
  • US Dairy Export Council;
  • BDO Training Conference;
  • Kellogg Business School (EMBA program);
  • University of Chicago (China and The World Future Forum; Conference on China’s Economic Transformation; Chicago Booth Finance Program);
  • New York State Economic Development Council;
  • Nebraska Department of Economic Development (Reverse Trade Missions);
  • RIM-Blackberry World Conference;
  • Bucyrus;
  • Caterpillar Corporation;
  • Chicago-China Green Building & Technology Summit;
  • China Ministry of Commerce Trade Mission;
  • Fujifilm Medical;
  • Illinois Department of Commerce;
  • Office of Illinois State Treasurer;
  • World Trade Center Chicago;
  • DDGS International Conference (US Grain Council);
  • NXTCom Show (USITO);  
  • Daymon Worldwide Conference;
  • Network Appliance Worldwide Conference;
  • Harrah’s Focus Group;
  • US-China Soybean Trade Conference;
  • US-China Telecommunications Summit;
  • Hong Kong Trade Development Council;
  • Chinese Delegation of Intellectual Property Rights (Sponsored by US Department of Commerce and China Ministry of Commerce);
  • Forever Living Super Rally 2004;
  • Kodak Company;
  • Food Marketing Institute (FMI);
  • National Restaurant Association (NRA);
  • Rotary International;
  • Lion Club International;
  • Basic International, Inc.;
  • Bethlehem Steel;
  • IREM;
  • VMI International;
  • Rockwell International;
  • Nalco Company;
  • Village of Schaumburg;
  • Law Offices across the US;
  • U.S. Immigration Courts (Department of Homeland Security);
  • Federal & State Courts and many other legal, business, media, medical, insurance and industrial entities and international conferences
  • Focus Groups for Research Companies/Facilities