Over the years, Jane Hu has developed a large network of professionals via her work in different areas, in language, business, legal, cultural, media, research ….. All these will be a great resource and asset for any clients who are seeking additional reliable and quality service providers.  Through the referral services, other language interpreters (in Mandarin Chinese as well as any other languages) and professionals as well as (simultaneous interpreting) equipment suppliers will be made available upon clients’ requests.

Over the years, Jane Hu has also worked with research companies that conduct interviews in Chinese for companies either seeking entry into Chinese Market or improvement on their existing products and services in China.  She will then capture the information in a data spreadsheet to be incorporated into the final presentation by the research company for their clients.  She has also successfully assisted with market research projects that required the participation of Asian-Americans in the US and conducted recruitment, screening, interviewing and monitoring.  In addition, she has moderated focus groups for market study purposes and written reports afterwards.  She has participated in several research projects that put her bilingual, bicultural expertise as well as media savvy into full play.  Any research projects that require the understanding of Chinese language and Chinese culture will be right in her alley.  The companies she has collaborated with on research projects include: Strategex; 361 Degree Consulting; TOCA and some others.

shanghaiJane Hu has also worked with schools utilizing her language and acting skills to coach the students to write and perform plays in Chinese.  She works with a non-for-profit organization called Global Voices to instill the passion for art as well as the love for Chinese language and culture into Chicago high school students (who have the intermediate level of Chinese proficiency) by working with them to develop a complete play in Chinese and then perform it in front of a live audience.  During the process, the students are paired with a sister school in China to exchange notes and scripts, and develop long-term friendships.  It has been a hugely successful program and well received by the students on both sides.  If any schools are interested in such programs, feel free to contact Jane Hu or check out the Global Voices website for further information at: http://www.globalvoicesinitiative.org/

Jane Hu is a State Department qualified Chinese (Mandarin) interpreter.  She is also a China Committee Member of Chicago Sister Cities Program and member of National Language League Corp and CHICATA (Chicago Area Translators Association).