Language Instruction



Apart from an extensive experience in interpreting and cross-cultural training, Jane is also a seasoned Chinese language and English language instructor.  She taught English in college in China for nearly four years.  After coming to the US, driven by the growing demand for the learning of Chinese language among Americans, she started to teach Chinese in corporations and community learning centers as well as to individuals who are interested in learning Chinese. Her students have included business people, educators, engineers, doctors, China-bound tourists, families of adopted Chinese children, language lovers and people from all walks of life.  Her engaging and interactive teaching style has turned around the thinking (or myth) by many Americans that “Chinese is too difficult to learn” and enabled many happy learners to develop basic to intermediate conversation skills in Chinese. She has taught at Chicago Confucius Institute, Discovery Center, Motorola, Bosch Company, MacLean Power Systems, Berlitz International, International Orientation Resources (IOR), just to name a few.

Chicago Days 32Jane Hu developed a beginning course for conversational Chinese and recorded a CD to go with the course both of which have been well received among her students.  She is able to adapt her teaching style to different needs of groups and individuals to help reach their language goals.

With the growing number of families who adopt Chinese kids in the US, there grows the need to help those kids who just arrived in the US with limited or hardly any English speaking ability to get oriented and able to communicate with their parents in simple English.  Over the years, Jane has helped many families to overcome the initial challenge to help their newly adopted kids be integrated in their new homes.  She coaches the adopted kids English language and US culture to help them cope with the cultural shock and communication barrier.   Once they are on their feet through total emersion with their English-speaking families in just months, Jane continues to work with them in Chinese (per their parents’ request) to keep up their Chinese language skills and remember their roots.

Here are some of the unsolicited feedbacks from some of her students: