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  • Jane was extraordinary.  She had a solid command of some very complex terms, and she had a very strong rapport with our customers at the China Ministry of Environmental Protection.  She was so skilled at making the connections and bridging the language barrier that we parted with our guests feeling as though we had made some new friends.  I would most definitely use your services again if Jane is any indication of the quality of your translators.    

    Adam J. Hecktman    
    Director, Microsoft Technology Centers

  • Jane, I just want to drop a line to say thank you and to express my admiration. I've never encountered any translator as good and as professional as you. Besides simply translating, you have demonstrated that you care for the various people and the project itself. Besides your language skills, your technical knowledge of the different domains terminology is very impressive. You have a very good logical and also business mind. I am very impressed. 

    TM Gan
    Overtures, Network of Business Elites

  • Our job duties commonly include interaction with high-level personnel from China, and we know that having the ability to communicate effectively through an excellent interpreter is critical.   With that in mind, I recommend Jane Hu with all confidence. Jane possesses a powerful package of abilities that range well beyond her skillful English/Chinese interpretation at the conference table.  Her organizational abilities, resourcefulness, professionalism in manner and dress, reliability, calm, polite and cultured skills made our fast-paced meetings more efficient was flat-out impressive. Our team has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with her.  I can recommend Jane Hu without hesitation.   

    Joanna Xiong 
    Global Marketing Manager 
    Motorola Solutions

  • Jane, YOU are the BEST!!! Thank you for the thorough planning, precise execution and warm/professional attitude throughout the entire event. It was such a pleasure working with you, in and outside of the booth. The organizer was lucky to have you! 

    Yi-An Yang
    Conference Interpreter

  • I have worked with Jane in language service for the last 14 years. In my opinion, Jane is extremely talented and very hard working. She is passionate about helping people to understand each other. If that required her to go the extra mile to help her clients, she would do it with a smile on her face. Of course, Jane is an outstanding professional interpreter. I would venture to say she is one of the best if not the best interpreter in the Midwest. We had lots fun “talking in the booth”.  

    Lih Hwa Shih
    Professional Interpreter

  • It was a great pleasure of meeting you and working with you, you are definitely one of the best Chinese interpreters in the US.  I wish we were in the same city so we can have more collaborations.    

    Simultaneous Interpreter


  • Our law firm has frequently worked with Ms. Hu for a number of years now and to this day we have not found another interpreter who is as aptly skilled and as meticulous as Ms. Hu is. Ms. Hu has routinely provided instantaneous interpretation for our clients in a variety of legal settings, including before the United States Department of Homeland Security and the United States Department of Justice. Due to her extensive experience and professionalism, Ms. Hu is able to consistently provide clear and reliable interpretation services in high pressure situations which has gained the complete respect and confidence of our firm. It is for these reasons that we highly recommend Ms. Hu’s interpretation services.

    Z. Wang  
    Attorney at Law  
    Wang, Leonard & Condon    
    Chicago, Illinois 60602

  • Jane was the most professional and proficient translator anyone could ask for!  During the full day of translation in a small group (3) and large group (9) setting, she listened intently and translated clearly in a way that allowed conversation to flow smoothly and easily.  She was so invested and effective that I felt she was a member of our team.  I highly recommend Jane to anyone in need of a Chinese translator.  

    Scott E. Siegel,
    MAS   President  
    R. S. Owens /  
    Elegance in Awards & Gifts

  • Jane was THE BEST. She was great both in interpreting and interacting with our team and the guest. We love her and will definitely be requesting her again.    

    Wanda Bradley  
    Manager, Business Development  
    SunCoke Energy

  • "Thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did to interpret this very difficult testimony...  You are the best we have ever had.... We have had interpreters flying from all over the country... but no one is nearly as good as you.  We are so happy you are here today.  I know if it were not for you, we would have been still here...  And you are so good and right on without missing a beat...So thank you for the  wonderful job!"   

    Judge Davis,
    EOIR Kansas City, KS

  • Jane, I am glad you enjoyed your day here at USG.  Rick was very impressed.  I will definitely use you in any future projects.  

    Wendy Trapp
    Administrative Coordinator
    USG Corporation

  • …Let me know if this is possible.  We have another translator on hand if you cannot do this.  But, we prefer you.  Your work has been complimented several times by the audiences in China. 

    Saima Chaudhry, MPH
    Project Coordinator
    University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health

  • I have observed Ms. Hu and she has done an excellent job interpreting in my hearings.  I would encourage LionBridge send her as frequently as possible for mandarin Chinese cases in my court.

    Judge Zerbe,
    EOIR Chicago, IL 

  • “In 2008 I made an independent feature film, Oh My Soul, which I wrote in English but intended to have performed in Mandarin by  Chinese actors, and I had the incredible good fortune of finding Jane Hu through a casting call. Not only did she deliver an absolutely beautiful and touching performance in the film, she assisted me from pre-production through filming and the editing process to translate the dialogue and make suggestions to the writing that would make the text more natural and realistic. During filming she co-directed the scenes in Mandarin, giving the other Chinese actors notes on their performance that I could not because I did not speak the language. Despite having some rather uncomfortable and difficult scenes which took many hours to shoot, she was always interested, engaged and had a wonderful attitude that inspired the rest of the cast and crew. In retrospect, I honestly don't know how I could have made the film without somebody like Jane who was willing to work so hard above and beyond expectations."   

    Independent Film Maker/Editor  
    Nicholas Monsour