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Apart from being a language and cultural professional, Jane Hu is also a professional media consultant thanks to her strong background and training in this area.  

She received her Master’s Degree in Media Communications from an Illinois university where she participated in more than a dozen of aired TV and video productions with a full range of responsibilities.  Upon graduation, she joined a TV production company and helped produce the documentary China Now for PBS.  She also co-produced a series of radio infomercials for news stations in five major US cities and penned a radio series featuring Chinese-American musicians for US National Public Radio.  She has appeared in many video, TV and radio productions and been involved in numerous US-China projects.  

As a board member and cultural & media consultant for artistic circles, a non-profit organization promoting women in arts and music through media, she helped produce several radio series featuring Chinese women musicians from both the US and China.  She assisted in interviewing those women and writing radio scripts for the series, as well as translating and dubbing the Chinese voices into English.  The series were aired on National Public Radio in the US to rave reviews.

She was also involved in another non-profit organization, LETV, in promoting the TV documentaries produced by Chinese filmmakers and bringing them to the US audience.  She helped facilitate the exchanges between the Chinese filmmakers and the US producers and hosted media delegations from China.

In addition, she volunteered for Chicago International Film Festival and Asian American Journalists Association Convention.  She is also a hands-on videographer/editor and has done videography for countless special events and weddings to help people capture the special moments in life with video.

Before coming to the US from China, she was a producer, editor and on-air talent for several popular radio programs in Shanghai (on Radio Shanghai), for which she received an award as a co-producer and co-host in the 1992 New York Radio Festival. She also served two years as a coordinator and interpreter for the prestigious Shanghai International TV Festival.

Having lived in China and the US, and being broadly exposed to radio and TV both in front of the microphone/camera and behind the scenes, Hu is able to combine her extensive experience in media, her language expertise and bilingual background to achieve communication beyond cultural boundaries.  Her knowledge, experience and cultural sensitivity have made her a savvy media consultant for organizations conducting US-China media exchanges and projects.