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hu21Jane Hu, a native of Shanghai, China, is a professional language/cultural and media consultant based in Chicago, IL.  She has been providing her professional services throughout the US for over two decades.  Hu has a broad range of media experience both in China and in the USA.  She was a radio producer, editor and co-host for an award-winning program in Shanghai. She also served two times as a coordinator and interpreter for the prestigious Shanghai International TV Festival. In the USA, she was the associate producer of a PBS documentary called China Now as well as a producer of a series of radio informercial campaign on China that were broadcast on major news radio stations in top five US cities.  She has also appeared in many video, TV, movie and radio productions.

For the past fifteen years, Ms. Hu has devoted herself full-time to China-related consulting projects and Sino-US cultural and business exchanges. Apart from teaching Chinese language and conducting cross-cultural trainings for China-bound Americans, as well as interpreting for a wide range of government and private agencies and business organizations, Ms. Hu also provides consultations for US-based organizations that do business or conduct cultural/media exchanges with China.

As a professional Chinese<>English interpreter/translator, she conducts simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for visiting high-ranking Chinese delegations, international conferences, business and academic communities, legal, medical and many other industries.  She has facilitated many US-China trade dialogues, academic forums and cross-cultural trainings for outbound US expatriates as well as inbound Chinese executives.  The consistency of her high quality services and professionalism are routinely recognized by her clients and peers as among the best in the field.  She is one of the few State Department qualified Mandarin interpreters in the state of Illinois.

She interpreted for a delegation and the US-China Economics and Trade Cooperation Forum associated with Chinese President Hu’s visit to Chicago early 2011.  She interpreted for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel during a private meeting and an official banquet held for China's Vice Premiere Liu Yandong on her first visit to the city of Chicago in 2013.  She also assisted a series of events of “Chicago Days” in World Expo Shanghai in September 2010 for the delegation of Chicago business executives led by Chicago’s Mayor Daley.  Her deep understanding of both cultures in which the business is conducted as well as her proficiency in both languages have made her a highly-demanded Chinese interpreter and consultant.

Hu received her MA in Media Communications from the United States and a BA in English Language and Literature from China’s Shanghai International Studies University (formerly known as Shanghai Foreign Language Institute) where she was honored with a teaching position upon graduation which she held till her coming to the United States in early 1992.